Why are we here?

At Healthy Kitchen Co., we believe that food is the very essence of life. Our mission is to provide you with the utmost quality and excellence in spice blends, entirely free from additives. Just like a mother's love, our blends are purely natural and crafted with care.

Our spice blends are time-saving marvels, thoughtfully balanced and ready to use in the kitchen.

From full-time working parents and nurturing mothers to culinary enthusiasts, bachelors embracing independence, ambitious young adults, and even adventurous teenagers – everyone can confidently step into the role of cook with HKC Spice Blends.

What are HKC Sprinkles?

HKC Sprinkles are unique spice blends crafted by Healthy Kitchen Co. that can be conveniently “Sprinkled onto food to elevate both flavour and nutritional value”. Our primary ingredients include Peanuts, Roasted Chickpeas, and Mixed Lentils, combined with a selection of all-natural spices. These Sprinkles are a plentiful source of proteins and various essential nutrients. HKC Sprinkles can be consumed as they are, no need to cook them.

How can I use HKC Sprinkles?

Use HKC Sprinkles by generously applying/sprinkling them to a variety of dishes, such as salads, bread, steamed/sautéed vegetables, and steamed rice. For a delightful "Yoghurt Dip", mix a spoonful of HKC Sprinkle in a cup of plain yogurt. Our preferred choices for this are Peanut Sprinkle and Chickpea Sprinkle.

What are HKC Masalas?

HKC Masalas are perfectly balanced, aromatic spice blends that tantalize the senses with their rich and harmonious flavours. We have created HKC Masalas as universal spice blends so that you don’t have to maintain different types of spices/masalas in the kitchen pantry.

HKC Masalas are intricate blends of various spices and herbs, carefully combined in specific proportions to create flavourful mixture that can be used to make any kind of cuisine/dish. The utmost attention is devoted at Healthy Kitchen Co. to curate these masalas, beginning with ingredient selection, and culminating in the delicate process of dry roasting to grinding.

Why should I use HKC Masalas?

You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen measuring and mixing different spices, as our HKC Masalas are already perfectly balanced and ready to use. Simply Add them to your favourite recipes and enjoy the delicious and authentic flavours that our blends provide. Experiment with quantities to achieve your preferred taste intensity. Remember, a little masala goes a long way, so start with a small amount and adjust to your liking.

HKC Masalas play an indispensable role in every kitchen, eliminating the need for an array of individual spices. It's a convenient one-stop solution that simplifies your pantry. These thoughtfully crafted spice blends possess a universal flavour profile, making them versatile companions across various cuisines. From curries and gravies to stews, sautéed dishes, and marinated delights, our HKC Masalas effortlessly enhance the taste and appeal of diverse culinary creations.

How do I store HKC Spice Blends?

HKC Spices blends will last the longest when stored away from air, light, heat, and moisture. A cool, dry, and dark environment like a pantry or cupboard positioned away from the stove or oven is a great spot to house your spice collection. Minimizing their exposure to air, heat, light, and moisture is key to maximizing the shelf life of your HKC Spice Blends.

You can keep your spices dry by using a dry spoon to get them out of the container before adding them to steaming hot food rather than sprinkling them straight from their containers.

Is your packaging ecofriendly?

At Healthy Kitchen Co. we believe in sustainable packaging. Therefore, our spice blends are available in glass jars and recyclable pouches that are eco-friendly. The jars are reusable and lock in the freshness of spices. Glass containers are among the best options to store spice blends. For pouches, we recommend emptying them into glass jars to retain their flavour & freshness.

Is the shelf life only 6 months?

At Healthy Kitchen Co. we make spice blends fresh in small batches to retain the potency and flavour of our Sprinkles and Masalas. These spice blends are fresh and flavourful up to 6 months from the date of manufacturing. Generally, spices that are past their prime aren’t dangerous to consume, but they will lose their aroma and flavour potency.

What is your most popular Sprinkle?

Our most popular sprinkle, with kids and adults alike, is the HKC Peanut Sprinkle. It is popular for the combination of crunchiness/tanginess/sweetness. Mix this with plain yogurt for a yummy yogurt dip, use this as a salad dressing, sprinkle this on boiled broccoli/vegetables to make then tasty. If you invent a new usage, please let us know immediately!

What is your most popular Masala?

Our HKC Curry Masala and HKC Magic Masala are equally popular. You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen measuring and mixing different spices, as our HKC Masalas are already perfectly balanced and ready to use. Simply Add them to your favourite recipes and enjoy the delicious and authentic flavours that our blends provide.

What is the spice level?

At Healthy Kitchen Co., our spice blends are crafted at a medium spice level, striking the perfect balance that suits a variety of palates. If you desire more heat, you can easily enhance the spice by adding extra chili powder or paprika according to your preference.

What products are popular with kids?

HKC Peanut Sprinkle and HKC Chickpea Sprinkle are popular with kids.

Kids absolutely adore our Peanut Sprinkle yogurt dip - it's a delightful treat! They also enjoy spreading peanut sprinkle with butter or ghee on flatbreads or rotis to create yummy rolls. For a quick and tasty meal, they love mixing peanut sprinkle with ghee and hot steamed rice!

As for our Chickpea Sprinkle, kids simply can't get enough of it! They love sprinkling it over/dipping fresh cucumber and carrot slices or using it as a delicious yogurt dip. And when they mix it with ghee and hot steamed rice, it becomes a satisfying and flavourful meal that they just can't resist!

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